Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

The Economics and Management Faculty is one of the leading faculties of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University. Being a leader means for the Faculty to have an especially responsible stance in plans of the University's implementation of its development strategy with the status of a research university. The development of a specialist with the innovative type of thinking and culture ready for the innovative professional activities takes place thanks to the qualitative upgrade of the contents and the structure of the economic education at the university level. Innovations are applied to education technologies, methods of learning and attainment of other teaching objectives. However, they are based on results of the scientific research. The active implementation of the competence-based approach toward the training of specialists initiated at the Faculty at the times of the migration to the two-tier education system contributed to the radical value-based correction of the teaching process aiming at satisfying the education needs of a personality capable of operating under complicated dynamic conditions of the economic life.

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The following circumstance plays crucial role in the training of high-class specialists by the Faculty. The economic education is known to be based on the economic theory, which provides the foundation for the development of the economic type of thinking of a future professional and, which is at least as important, a civilised citizen and a member of the society. The contemporary economic theory, which is studied today by students of economic specialities, comprises several basic disciplines, such as the foundations of the economic science, macroeconomics, microeconomics, history of economy and economic teachings. All these disciplines are taught in the entire university solely by departments of the Economics and Management Faculty. This integration of creative efforts of researchers and teachers is demonstrated in the cumulative effect of the profound knowledge of, first of all, students of the Economics and Management Faculty and, obviously, those majoring in Economic Theory. There is inter-disciplinary cross-pollination of fundamental and specialist disciplines. Moreover, the theoretical foundation of applied sciences and teaching disciplines is developed at the Economics and Management Faculty: the theory of strategy, the theory of management, and the theory of business.

Lines of training (specialities), in which specialists are educated at the Economics and Management Faculty, are basic and general for the objects of economic activities of other specialities. The contemporary labour market is focused on the special demand of employers for graduates of these specialities due to the above mentioned circumstance. The national economy comprising many economic organisations is in need of the management securing its systemic development. The economic management at the micro and macro level is performed by broad-profile professionals and managers capable of managing the organisational knowledge.

The traditions of the Faculty result in a special atmosphere conducive to the full development of the personality due to its being amiable and humanely comfortable. The Economics and Management Faculty is a relatively formalised institution, which is clearly focused on the attainment of the high level of professionalism and pedagogical culture as the highest values of the team.

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