Faculty of Economics and Management

Department of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship operates as a part of the Economics and Management Faculty. It has accumulated substantial research and teaching potential of the university, and trains specialists of bachelor and master education and qualification levels in the Enterprise Economics speciality.

The EDepartment of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship has a substantial research methodology, didactic and educational potential for the preservation and the enrichment of the classical heritage of the past for bringing it to a higher level adequate to the new innovative challenges.

There are 51 teachers at the Department of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, including:  4 ScDs in Economics, 7 Professors, 21 PhDs, 20 Associate Professors, and 4 Senior Teachers.

The relatively high level of the teaching potential is confirmed by the award of Princess Olha 3rd degree Order to Professor H.O. Shvydanenko, Head of the Department, the award of the rank of a Honoured Educationist of Ukraine to professors S.F. Pokropyvny and H.O. Shvydanenko; the award of the Excellent Educationist of Ukraine badge to Professor O.S. Fedonin, and the State Prize of Ukraine to Associate Professor I.Y. Chuzhynov. Four teachers are Honoured Employees of KNEU (H.O. Shvydanenko, O.S. Fedonin, V.M. Kolot, A.P. Novak and H.I. Savoshchenko).

The leading teachers of the department left good memories in foreign universities. A number of them worked in 1970s and 1980s abroad and actively participated in training specialists and researchers in a number of states: S.F. Pokropyvny (France); H.O. Shvydanenko (Cuba); O.S. Fedonin (Hungary, Congo); V.M. Kolot (Yemen); V.I. Totsky (Algeria); V.M. Say (Madagascar).

Teachers of the department were awarded Honour Diplomas of a number of states, Embassies of the USSR, the Ministries of Higher Education of the USSR and the Ukrainian RSR for the good work abroad. Associate Professor V.M. Kolot was promoted to the Professor of the University of Aden (Yemen) in 1982.

Over the years of its operation, the Department trained thousands of highly qualified economists. There are teachers, researchers and practitioners (ministers, deputy ministers, bank CEOs, members of parliament of Ukraine) among alumni. There are post-graduate and doctoral schools at the Department making it possible to top up the teaching staff with the best graduates of the Faculty.