Faculty of Economics and Management

Department of Economic Theory

Economics Department is one of the leading economic-theoretical departments in Ukraine. The department participates in the preparation of bachelors of all specialties at the university and teaches them introductory courses in economics. In addition, the department prepares bachelors and masters in the educational-professional program "Economic Analytics" and prepares candidates and doctors of sciences in the specialization "Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought", both for their own needs and for other universities and research institutions of Ukraine .

The department carries out fundamental research, teaching and methodological work, publishes textbooks in major disciplines, including courses unique in Ukraine.

Economics department has 25 highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff (September, 2020). Including:

  • professors, doctors of economics - 7;
  • associate professors, candidates of economic sciences (PhD) - 16;
  • assistants - 2.