Economics and Management Faculty

Scientific activity

For many years, the research activities of the Department were focused on the research areas funded from the state budget in the field of the macroeconomic forecasting and the regulation of the economy.  Lately, the teachers of the Department engaged into research under the budget-funded project of research into the Improvement of Methods and Mechanisms of the Public Administration of the National Economy along two lines: "Macroeconomic Policy Implementation Mechanism" and "National Economy State Regulation Mechanism". 

The Department is currently researching into the State Anti-crisis Policy. This research activity is funded from the state budget.

Results of the research carried out within the scope of the budget-funded research work and other scientific results were supplied to the appropriate state authorities (certification of the implementation of the research results issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Ukraine), and used for writing monographs, papers and manuals.

Last redaction: 08.02.19