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Scientific activity

Scientific work

The scientific activity of the Department is aimed at research, generation and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of economics, public administration, formation of key competencies and personal qualities of competitive, erudite and innovative specialists in national economy and public administration, able to implement knowledge and skills .


Scientific School "Public Management of the National Economy" was formed by the staff of the department under the leadership of Doctor of Economics, Professor I. Malyi and explores ways of crisis public management of the national economy in conditions of macroeconomic instability and threats to statehood.


Modern research of the Department covers fundamental and applied developments and is devoted to the problems of public management of the national economy, macroeconomic forecasting and regulation of the economy, state regulation of innovative development of the national economy, as well as the formation of regional development strategy of Ukraine. Their scientific novelty lies in a critical understanding of current trends in social development and substantiation of practical recommendations for the diversification of public administration institutions to ensure macroeconomic stability, innovative economic growth and welfare. The results of scientific research are reflected in numerous scientific publications.

With the creation in Ukraine in 2017 of a new scientific specialty "Public Administration", the school representatives focused their research on the following main areas:

  • analysis and modeling of government macroeconomic policy;
  • management and administration of the public sector of the national economy;
  • tools of public administration under conditions of macroeconomic uncertainty;
  • institutional design of anti-crisis public administration;
  • macroeconomic analysis of the national economy;
  • macroeconomic policy analysis;
  • economic theory of public administration;
  • foresight in the formation of economic policy at the national and local levels.

The scientific achievements of the department are successfully defended dissertations in the specialty 08.00.03 "Economics and Management of the National Economy", namely:

doctoral dissertations:

  • 2020 - Usyk VI "Financial rules of the government in the development of national education";
  • 2015 - Alimpiev EV "State regulation of financial and monetary transmission in the Ukrainian economy";
  • 2013 - Nikiforov AE "Mechanism of state management of innovation", Tishchenko OP "State regulation of regional development of the national economy"; Yemelyanenko LM "State Department for Balancing Human and Technological Development of Ukraine".

Ph.D. dissertations:

  • 2021 - Kryzyna O.V. "Mechanisms of public administration of the pathological anatomical service of Ukraine in conditions of health care reforming"
  • 2021 - Mosknina V.I. "Transfer policy in the social sphere of Ukraine"
  • 2017 - Moskalenko V.V. "Forecasting the development of the region as a tool for managing the national economy";
  • 2016 - Boger O.V. "Tax regulation of the formation of an innovative economy";
  • 2013 - Remizova I.A. "State regulation of aggregate demand based on the methodology of financial programming", Sira IV "State support of entrepreneurial activity in the financial and economic crisis";
  • 2012 - Poguda N.V. "Application of effectometric methods in state regulation of investment activities";
  • 2011 - Kostenok Ya.O. "State regulation of energy saving in the industry of Ukraine", Korolyuk TO "State regulation of financial intermediation";
  • 2010 - Kozarezenko L.V. "Socio-economic efficiency of the functioning of educational services";
  • 2009 - Usyk V.I. "State regulation of the potential of the small and medium business sector";
  • 2008 - Solomenko S.M. "State budget as an instrument of macroeconomic regulation",
  • 2007 - Voloshchenko V.S. "Forecasting and state regulation of foreign trade in Ukraine";
  • 2006 - Fedirko N.V. "State regulation of household income in Ukraine", Gladysh RO "Economic mechanism of regulation of wheat supply in Ukraine", Grabovsky OM "Forecasting monetary indicators in the system of state regulation of the economy",
  • 2005 - Oleshko T.O. "Forecasting and state regulation of industrial development of the region";
  • 2004 - Gorshkova N.I. "Diagnosis of the state of the economy in the system of stabilization policy of the state", Pasichnyk OV "Exchange rate policy and the mechanism of its implementation in Ukraine";
  • 2002 - Moskalyuk N.P. "Investment policy of Ukraine in the conditions of stabilization".



scientific monographs:

  • "Anti-crisis management of the national economy" (I. Maly, I. Radionova, L. Emelyanenko, T. Korolyuk, T. Kutsenko, V. Usyk, N. Fedirko, D. Efremov et al., 2017);
  • "Macro-regulation of the financial sector" (I.Maly, T. Korolyuk, 2015);
  • "Management efficiency in the reform process: macro- and microeconomic aspects" (I. Radionova, O. Tishchenko, 2012);
  • "Regional economic development: theory and measurement" (O. Tishchenko, 2012);
  • "Socio-economic dominants of human and technological development of Ukraine" (L. Emelyanenko, 2011);
  • "Innovative activity: theory and practice of public administration" (A. Nikiforov, 2010).

implementation of research topics (R&D):

  • "Modernization of the state anti-crisis management of the national economy" (state registration number: № 0116U001426) (2016-2021);
  • "Anti-crisis management of the public sector in conditions of macroeconomic instability and threats to the statehood of Ukraine" (state registration number 0117U001196) (2017-2019).
  • "State anti-crisis management of the national economy" (state registration number 0111U002616);
  • "Methods of measuring and state regulation of development and mobilization of intellectual potential in the national economy" (state registration number 0111U000294).
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