Economics and Management Faculty

Educational methodology work

The Management Department works regularly on improving the educational methodology support to disciplines of the Department. The methodological support is being enhanced along the following lines:  

  • the improvement of the contents of programmes in disciplines taking account of the modern trends of the science and practice of the management and Ukraine's entry into the European educational environment;
  • the preparation of practical assignments on the basis of the utilisation of active methods of learning;
  • the presentation of courses in a remote form, namely:  Management, Strategic Management, Business Planning, Operational Management, Enterprise Competitiveness Management, Corporate Behaviour;
  • the improvement of the standalone and individual assignments for students of the bachelor and master levels;
  • the improvement of the objectivity of the ongoing and final control of the students' knowledge level for the development of the efficient teacher/student feedback;
  • the approximation of the level of requirements for the methodological support to disciplines taught by the Department at the full-time, evening and extramural forms of study taking account of their specifics;
  • the consideration of the specifics of some specialities in the course of the teaching of the Management discipline and other selective courses;
  • the focus on the utilisation of information technologies in the training process;
  • the introduction of training courses in specific disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary and comprehensive training courses;
  • the methodological support to disciplines taught by the department. The Collection of Case Studies for Management Disciplines textbook developed by authors from the Management Department is widely used in the course of teaching of the disciplines. It contributes to expanding the area of the application of innovative teaching technologies and, for instance, training-based methods in the course of the mastering of specialist disciplines by students.

Innovative teaching technologies are widely used in the course of teaching both core and selective disciplines as confirmed by the relevant methodological materials supporting the disciplines taught by the Management Department.

The Department holds science methodology seminars aimed at improving the teaching of disciplines of the Management Department and the intensification of the research work, as well as the cross-pollination in the course of the discussion of contentious issues regarding contemporary approaches toward the management of organisations. The seminars consider not only the research issues, but also methodological issues related to the experience in, and the methodology of, the teaching of specific disciplines, the development of consultancy projects (with the identification of the specifics of the nature of organisational and investment projects), the development of textbooks, etc.

Last redaction: 03.12.19