Economics and Management Faculty

Research activities

The research activities are an important line of the work of the Accounting and Economics Faculties Political Economy Department. Its role is determined by the fact that the development of the higher education and the training of the highly qualified staff are impossible without the studies carried out by teachers in circumstances of the rapid obsolescence of the information.
  The Accounting and Economics Faculties Political Economy Department is a leader in the research work in the University. According to the research work plan, the Department carries out research into the Modern Post-industrial Society and Ways of Its Development in Ukraine. The academic supervisor of the research is Professor V.S. Savchuk.
The research covers the process of the transformation of Ukraine's economic system toward the development of a modern post-industrial society.
All teachers, doctoral and post-graduate students, and contenders of the Department took part in the research.

Last redaction: 11.01.19