Faculty of Economics and Management

Educational Training Centre of Economics and Business Management

Educational Training Centre of Economics and Business Management (hereafter –ETC EBM) is a subdivision of the state university "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman" (hereafter - the University) in the structure of the Economics and Management Department, conducts practically oriented training for students in specialty "Business Economics", and all other areas of training and learning.

ETC EBM created under the order of the Rector from June 10, 2011 № 453 on the basis of the Decisions of the Academic Council from May 31, 2011.

The main goal of ETC EBM is to develop knowledge and skills of bachelor and master level programs graduates of Economics and Management Department to enhance the competitive advantage of university graduates in the labor market.

ETC EBM objectives are:

  • to ensure the implementation of training in the learning process based on continuous training process at all stages of training of the students who major in Economics and Business Management;
  • organizational and methodological support of training sessions within virtual organizations (enterprises);
  • to create and disseminate knowledge in the field of technology educational training within the knowledge management system of the faculty;
  • organization of student practice within virtual organizations (enterprises);
  • conduct business competitions based on simulation models of functioning in the market environment;
  • introduction of modern innovative learning technologies into teaching core subjects;
  • introduction of information technology into teaching core subjects;
  • involvement of practitioners in the field of management and business economics into the educational process;
  • operation of virtual organizations (enterprises);
  • assisting students during self-training to participate in training sessions;
  • to enable communication with colleagues from universities, research centers, government and business organizations around the world;
  • to conduct research and development project by teachers and students concerning a definite problem;
  • organization of scientific and methodological seminars, business games, meetings, round tables, conferences and symposia by teachers and students;
  • to conduct video conferencing and distance learning seminars (webinars) for teachers and students.

Structure of ETC EBM consists of the following sectors:

  • the sector, ensuring the implementation of training in the learning process;
  • the sector, organizing practice within virtual organizations (enterprises);
  • the sector, insuring operation of virtual organizations (enterprises);
  • the sector of research and project development.

Conduct of classes in ETC EBM and use of material and intellectual framework is coordinated with the deans, heads of departments and approved by the Director of the ETC EBM.

The Centre correlates its work with the current legislation, especially the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On Education", "On scientific and technical activities", Regulations "On the practice of students in higher educational institutions of Ukraine" and other regulations, the Charter of the University, Rector orders, decisions of the administration and the Academic Council of the University, and by this Regulation.

Last redaction: 05.02.14