Economics and Management Faculty

Department of National Economy and Public Administration

The Department of National Economy and Public Administration is a leading educational structure for training specialists in public administration, formation and implementation of public policy at the national and local economic levels.


The mission of the Department is to promote sustainable socio-economic development of Ukraine through the training of highly qualified specialists and researchers, macroeconomic and institutional studies of the national economy and substantiation of the concept of modernization of state crisis management.

The Department realizes research, generation and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of economics and public administration, formation of key competencies and personal qualities of competitive, erudite and innovative specialists in public management of the national economy, able to implement their knowledges and skills at national and local economic levels.

The Department trains specialists in the specialty "Public Administration".

Academic staff
  • Ivan MALYI
    EDUCATION AND DEGREES Doctor of Science → (2002) “Distribution relations in transition economic systems” PhD → (1981) “Operational...
    Dariia KOTENOK
    EDUCATION AND DEGREES PhD → (2002)  “State regulation of economic development” Master Degree →...

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