Economics and Management Faculty

Research activities

The principles of the focus on the contents of core disciplines taught by the department and the enhancement of the scientific level of training of masters under Corporate Management (AT) and Small Business Management master programmes underlie the ascertainment of the focus of the scientific research of the Management Department.  The research is mainly concentrated on theoretical, methodological and applied principles of the management of industrial enterprises, theoretical and applied aspects of the management of organisations, the operative, innovative, anti-crisis, strategic management and corporate governance, the management of the competitiveness, etc. These areas have been reflected in the research programme for years 2011 to 2015 in the field of the Improvement of Systems of the Organisational Management in the Context of the Innovative Economy Development in Ukraine supervised by Professor S. Sobol, PhD in Economics, head of the Management Department. 

The scientific novelty of the research is based upon the utilisation of new methods of the solution of the fundamental task of the development of a model of the innovatively receptive and innovatively oriented organisation taking account of the specifics of the development of the innovative economy in Ukraine based on novel theories of the management of innovations, strategic management, corporate governance of a public corporation in reliance upon the basic postulates of the synergy theory and the game theory.

Practical results of the research are as follows: the development of appropriate methodologies intended for organisations of various types, regulatory documents for the organisational analysis and audit, the development of programmes of core disciplines for the Management and Administration complex, as well as for the publication of textbooks and manuals, and the adjustment of the methodological support to the Corporate Management (AT) and Small Business Management master programmes.