Economics and Management Faculty

Strategic Management

Program Supervisor - Alexander Vostryakov, PhD, Associate Professor, Dean of the Economics and Management Department.
Preamble. The main task of the modern enterprise is to find adequate methods and means of managing material and non-material resources, formation of strategic thinking in workers and active implementation of strategic management tools into business practices. Decisive role in this task belongs to managers of strategic direction.
Target audience. The Program "Strategic Management" is for those who wish to have a managerial career in government, domestic enterprises and representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine, regardless of forms of ownership and activities of the latter.
The mission of the program: to promote the growth and competitiveness of enterprises and companies based on effective and efficient training of specialists with knowledge of the strategic directions of new management technologies and corresponding mechanisms of organization and management of the company and its business.
The purpose of the program: training of highly skilled professionals able to shape the strategy and tactics of behavior in the market, which is achieved by providing students with the skills of assessment of strategic assets of the company, identifying its market opportunities and promising areas of enterprise development and working out alternative strategies and mechanisms of their implementation.
The main objectives of the program:
• to reveal "secrets" of how companies can use their benefits and improve the welfare of their owners and employees through development of strategic resources and technologies and use of dynamic organizational competence and capacity;
• to equip students with perception system and provide effective tools of comprehensive solution to the problems of modern enterprise;
• to provide competences in the field of training and basis of strategic decisions and their transfer to the operating  level of the enterprise;
• to give necessary skills in the field of strategic management procedures.
The distinctive characteristics of the Program "Strategic Management":
• special training courses are unique in Ukraine, it is the author's developments of teaching staff of the Strategies of Enterprises Department;
• special training of undergraduates is combined with their active participation in research activities, which opens opportunities for further scientific establishment of the graduates of the Program (including admission to postgraduate course);
• the learning process in the Program clearly aims at developing professional competencies in strategic management through the implementation of integrated (interdisciplinary) practical tasks during practical training at domestic enterprises and representative offices of international companies in various business profiles;
• the teaching staff involved have extensive practical and research experience, they are open to direct communication with the audience, using modern communication tools as well(Internet, e-mail).

Last redaction: 07.07.17