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Small Business Management

The list of diploma papers 2012-2013
Preamble. The small business sector is an integral part of modern market economic system. The growth of its role and importance in the structure of the market economy over the past 20-30 years is a global trend of any industrialized countries and civilized society. But in Ukraine, according to the official statistics, the share of small business remains unsatisfactory. Domestic small businesses continue to face significant obstacles in their own development, both at the level of state policy and the level of market environment. One of these obstacles are serious personnel qualification limits in small business development.
The purpose of the Master’s Program "Small Business Management" is to produce highly skilled, competitive specialists for small businesses on the labor market that can successfully initiate their own business, professionally solve practical problems of small businesses and ensure their sustainable development.
The main objectives of the Program are: disclosure of patterns and characteristics of small business as a sector of modern market economy; identifying the details of the management functions in small businesses; developing skills of how to apply the technology of organizing their own business; skills of the business plan development and the use of specific methods, techniques and tools for effective management of small businesses.
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