Economics and Management Faculty

Research activities

The Enterprise Strategy Department is a team of highly qualified specialists engaging into the fundamental and applied scientific research demanded by the society.

The research work of the Enterprise Strategy Department is pursued in years 2011 to 2015 in the area of the Enterprise Strategy in a Post-industrial Economy. 

The following are the major areas of the research work of the Enterprise Strategy Department:

  • the nature and development of economic systems in a post-industrial economy;
  • the management of the strategic process of an enterprise on the basis of the integration of the market-based and resource-based approaches;
  • the knowledge management as the methodological basis for the strategic management of an enterprise;
  • the economic enterprise management in the context of systemic socio-economic changes;
  • the instrumental and organisational support to the implementation of functional strategies at an enterprise;
  • the management of the implementation of strategic changes at an enterprise.

A group of teachers of the Enterprise Strategy Department is involved into a research project funded from the state budget of Ukraine under the heading of the Knowledge Management in a Higher Education Establishment for the Improvement of Teaching, Research and Administrative Activity Processes.

A scientific practical seminar is operating at the Department on a permanent basis for the qualification development of teachers, the exchange of experiences and the research results. The problems in disciplines supported by the department, the problems related to the organisation and the methodology of the scientific research, the topical issues and outcomes of the research performed by post-graduate students, contenders and young teachers o the department are discussed at its sessions.

Research task forces carrying out the scientific research with the active involvement of students have been set up at the Department. For instance:

  • for a number of years, the team of students of the Economics and Management Faculty has been established under the guidance of teachers of the Department for the participation in the Global Management Challenge contest;
  • students take active part in meetings of the discussion club held by teachers of the department;
  • teachers of the department under the guidance of Professor N.M. Yevdokimova hold a scientific seminar, at which students master the culture of the scientific research, develop competencies and skills in defining and presenting their stances on existing economic problems and possible ways of their solution;
  • the openness of professors and associate professors of the department provides ample opportunity for students' making use of their abilities in the field of research (in the form of the participation in Olympics and contests of students' research papers, the preparation of reports at scientific conferences, the writing of scientific articles and essays, the participation in research projects, etc.).

Students under the guidance of our teachers often rank first at Olympics and are distinguished at contests of students' research papers.

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