Economics and Management Faculty

International Conference «Business Strategy: Management Paradigm Changes And Innovative Solutions for Business» (November 14-15, 2013)18 July 2013р.

Dear academics, researchers, government and business professionals!

We are glad to invite you to the International Scientific Conference, which will be conducted by the department of enterprises strategy.

The purpose of the conference: a constructive discussion of modern business problems and finding reasonable ways to ensure sustainable development of enterprises by combining the efforts of science, education, government and business.

Conference will be held in the following areas:

  1. The strategic choice of enterprise in the context of global economy challenges
  2. Enterprise of post-industrial era: modern paradigm and defining areas of development
  3. The innovative tools of managerial decisions
  4. Business intelligence and system analysis of enterprise’s development
  5. Strategic partnership in the triad «Science — Education — Business»: realities and prospects

During the conference are planned:

  • Roundtables devoted to the problematic areas;
  • Master classes by the leading experts in strategic management, business modelling and management consulting;
  • Presentation of intelligent and innovative products developed in KNEU;
  • Training workshop “Process management in the business simulation ‘Sigam-market’ consolidated with key indicators of 1C:SFM”. The participators will obtain the Teaching and Training Centre’s of Economics and Business Management (KNEU) and Integra-Service Company’s Certificate.

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