Economics and Management Faculty

The scientific and educational-methodical work of the department

Research work at the department is conducted in the framework of the department: "The genesis of institutions in a market economic system"; "The economic system and its reflection in economic thought: evolutionary and institutional analysis." Scientific adviser: candidate of economic sciences, professor Sergiy Stepanenko
Main directions of research:
●    Civilizational paradigm as a methodological basis of modern economics.
●    Institutional Economics at the present stage of development of economic science.
●    Formation, the main stages of development of the market economic system and its institutions .
●    Development of the institutions of a market economic system.
In research and teaching, teachers of the department use developed modern methodology of institutional analysis of economic systems and the principles of the genesis of their historical development.
The results of scientific work of teachers of the department were preparation and implementation in the educational process of the integrated courses "History of Economics and Economic Thought", "Modern Economic Theory and Institutional Economics".
They are reflected in the following publications:
●    History of Economics and Economic Thought: Textbook. / [S.V. Stepanenko, S.N. Antonyuk, V.M.Feschenko, N.O.Timochko]; ed. by prof. S.V. Stepanenko. - K.:KNEU, 2010. - 743, [1] p.
●    Stepanenko S.V. "Institutional analysis of economic systems (problems of methodology): Monograph. - K.: KNEU, 2008 - 312p.
●    Feschenko V.M. "Research of problems of formation and development of market economy in the writings of economists Ukraine in the second half of XIX - beg. XX centuries." - K.:KNEU, 2003 (11 dr.a.),
●    Modern economic theory: Textbook. / V.M. Feschenko. - K.: KNEU, 2012. - 474 p.;
●    Uschapovsky Y.V. Ideas of institutionalism in economic thought of Ukraine in XIX - beg. XX century. - K.: KNEU, 2012;
●    Chutkyi A.I. Essays on Economic History of Ukraine. Book 1. At the crossroads of trade routes. -  K.: Тempera, 2013. - 616 p.
●    Chutkyi A.I. Essays on Economic History of Ukraine. Book 2. Becoming a breadbasket of Europe - K.: Tempera, 2015 - 378 p.
●    Timochko N.A.  The economic history of Ukraine : Textbook - K.: KNEU, 2005. - 204 p.
●     Korniychuk L.Y. History of economic thought of Ukraine. Textbook - K .: KNEU, 2004. - 431 p.
●    Suprun N.A. «The evolution of the national model of corporate governance» (2009).

Last redaction: 11.10.17