Economics and Management Faculty

Educational methodology work

The educational methodology work of the Department is focused on improving the process of the learning of the Department's disciplines by students. This work is carried out in the following areas: 

  • the development of new working training programmes, the improvement of curricula, the contents and the organisation of the scientific methodology work in disciplines taught by the Department;
  • the improvement of the programme, the lecture course and the scientific methodological support to the integrated course in History of Economy and Economic Teachings;
  • the development of textbooks in Modern Economic Theories and Institutional Economics;
  • the development and the implementation of innovative technologies in the training process;
  • the improvement of the organisation of the standalone work of students in disciplines of the Department. The systemic organisation of consultations by teachers of the Department in disciplines of the Department according to the approved time schedule, and the control over the progress of the performance of individual programme assignments performed by students;
  • the improvement of assignments for the ongoing and final control of the students' knowledge of all disciplines taught by the Department;
  • the discussion of results of the winter examination session at the Department meeting with the analysis of the success rate in each academic group and the benchmarking of examination results among study groups and teachers;
  • the implementation of measures aimed at the intensification of the research work of students and the improvement of the level of the management thereof;
  • the development of materials for the development of course books and lecture synopses;
  • the year-round work of the methodological seminar on the improvement of the methodology of the teaching of the course in History of Economy and Economic Teachings.
Last redaction: 17.10.17