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PhD courses (PhD in Economics)

The Department of Economic Theory of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman invites masters and ambitious professionals to study for a postgraduate degree PhD Program in Economics.


About PhD program

The P.h. D. Program in Economics is a unique program and interdisciplinary field of research focused on modern economic theory, economic policy, theory and practice of economic and managerial decision-making. It is four year full time program leading to a Doctoral Degree in Economics.

A specially designed course program provides training of doctors of philosophy in economics for managerial, scientific, research and teaching positions, delivering serious training by using theoretical and empirical research methods. The intellectual basis for the program is modern theoretical economics, which includes advanced macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics, modern economic theories, contemporary political economy, economic and political institutions, development economics and economic policy, game theory, behavioral and experimental economics, econometrics, economic research methodology. The development and expansion of theoretical disciplines are combined with empirical analysis, including the identification of cause-and-effect relationships and outcomes. The PhD Program contains obligatory disciplines and an optional component. PhD students gain economic breadth by taking additional courses outside of their selected fields of interest from the Catalog of selected disciplines of the Vadym Hetman University.

“The Doctor of Philosophy program in economics was a pleasant surprise. Constructive and motivational tasks allowed to look at one's own research topic from a different angle, to find "points of contact" between the studied course and the dissertation in the first year of study, encouraging the implementation of the results of their research into training courses. In general, it stimulates interesting and creative intellectual work. ”
Antonina Radionova, PhD student of the fourth year of study

The first year and a half of the program is represented by a training module. PhD students begin their own research during the first year with the approval of the research proposal. The dissertation (a research work) is required to be written during 4 years of study, starting from the first year, with an emphasis on the second and third years of study in order to enter the defense procedure during the fourth year of study.

Early defense of a dissertation before graduation is welcome with remuneration after defense or a one-time payment of the entire scholarship until graduation.

The doctoral program is flexible and provides ample opportunities to adapt dissertations to the individual interests of graduate students. The program is small in design to facilitate close collaboration between students, the Department of Economic Theory, and other departments to provide to provide interdisciplinary training.


Specific areas of research at the Department of Economic Theory

  • Modern economic theory and mainstream;
  • Economic analytics (theoretical and applied);
  • Macroeconomics and microeconomics;
  • Economic policy;
  • Contemporary political economy;
  • History of economic thought and economic history;
  • Socialization of the economy;
  • Theories of economic development, development economics and models of economic growth;
  • Philosophy of economics;
  • Institutional economics and institutions, interest groups;
  • Innovative economy, information economy, digital economy;
  • Inequality
  • Management economics;
  • Behavioral and experimental economics;
  • Pluralistic economics;
  • Economics of complexity.


Training and qualification

The rules of admission to graduate school of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman and the program of entrance examinations for 2020 are posted on the university website in the section PhD Programs and Doctoral Studies

The beginning of the first and second stages of the admission campaign to  graduate school from March 2 to March 13, 2020, from July 1 to July 30, 2020. Start of postgraduate studies from April 1 and October 1.

The University enrolls on a competitive basis based on the results of entrance exams. Persons who have obtained a master's degree (educational and qualification level of a specialist) are admitted to PhD studies in the specialty 051 "Economics" on a competitive basis.

The successful applicant typically has clearly defined career goals that are consistent with the goals of the program and is interested in conducting basic research in empirical and / or theoretical economics.


We invite masters who set ambitious goals for their professional development, career and research, to study under the program of Doctor of Philosophy in Economics at the Department of Economic Theory, Vadym Hetman KNEU.

Detailed description of the PhD program


PhD courses that are designed and provided by the Department of Economic Theory


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