Economics and Management Faculty

Research activities

The research activities of the Department have been focused on the research into the most pressing economic issues of the development of the agricultural production during entire history of the Department. Currently, teachers and professors are working fruitfully on solving a number of important economic issues of the agrarian sector, including the problems of restructuring of enterprises of the agroindustrial sector and the alleviation of their crisis-prone condition, the capitalisation of the agriculture, the development of new forms of agroindustrial formations, the problems and issues of the development of the management and marketing at enterprises of the agroindustrial sector of Ukraine. The results of this research underlie the scientific basis for the solution of issues of the agroindustrial integration, the harmonisation of economic interests of agricultural commodity manufacturers and industrial processing enterprises. 

The research at the level of agroindustrial formations (agrarian, processing, service and other companies and enterprises of the agroindustrial sector) is and will remain the most important area of research activities of the Department underlying the specialisation of our graduates. First of all, this research is focused on the use of core resources: the land, the capital, the labour, the management, and includes components, such as analysis, planning and control. This research covers a rather broad spectrum of areas from the technology of the production of agricultural products and foods to the ascertainment of the efficiency of the production of particular products and enterprises in general. The integration processes in the agroindustrial sector, the emergence of new forms of the agroindustrial integration and agroindustrial formations are another aspect of this research area.

The agrarian policy and the agrarian development in Ukraine are yet another important area of the scientific research pursued by the Department. These research areas include: the identification of ways of the development of Ukraine's agriculture in conditions of the globalisation for the assurance of the long-term sustainable development thereof; the creation of stable transparent and equitable conditions for the activity of all entities in the agroindustrial sector and the inflow of investments into all branches thereof; the substantiation of methodological principles of the development of the agrarian policy of Ukraine taking account of requirements for its integration into the international economic environment; the substantiation of forms, methods and lines of the state regulation of the agriculture.

The Department co-operates with a number of foreign universities and research institutes by exchanging teachers, post-graduate and graduate students, and engaging into joint scientific research and publications. They include institutions, such as: Georg August University in Gottingen (Germany), Warsaw Agrarian University (Warsaw, Poland), University of Missouri Columbia (USA); the Central and Eastern Europe Agrarian Development Institute in Halle (Germany); Colorado State University in Fort-Cleans (USA); the Latvian State Agrarian Economics Institute (Latvia), Delaware State University in Newark (USA), the Belarusian State Economics University in Minsk (Belarus).

Last redaction: 18.10.19